Crayon Rock Paperweights

2 Jun

My son and I have a ton of fun doing these today.  We kept going outside for more rocks.  And it is easy and cheap.
Supplies: Clean rocks (soap, water, scrub brush)
Crayons with paper removed
baking pan lined with foil
350 degree oven
felt pieces

Heat rocks in oven for 15 minutes.  Remove one rock per person, leave the rest in the oven to stay hot.  We worked on thick pile of newspapers.  All you have to do is hold the crayon on the rock and let it melt.  metallic crayons add a little sparkle if you have some.  Just be careful rocks stay hot a long time and you can get burned. (this is not for small children)  When rocks have cooled add a small piece of felt to the bottom with a glue gun. (helps protect surfaces)


2 Responses to “Crayon Rock Paperweights”


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