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DIY Bookends

15 Oct

I like these concrete geometric bookends from e-How.  It is a well written tutorial with pictures.  Would make a unique gift.


Paper Mache

13 Oct

Have you ever played around with paper mache?  My mom would let us do this fun art project at home, it is easy to do and though a little on the messy side very cheap to produce. We would use the flour, water and newspaper method, usually using a balloon for shape.  My technique has changed a little bit, and I still think it is a lot of fun.

For recipes check out The Ultimate Paper Mache.  I like the one that uses glue.  A lot of good information on this blog.

Brisbane Kids show how to make a piggy bank.

Bowls by The Long Thread.

Mamie Janes has some nice Christmas decorating ideas.

These colorful chickens by Krokotat use cereal boxes as a base.

A wonderful deer head from Imperfectly Imaginable.
paper mache deer main photo

Hopefully I has stirred a few creative juices today.

Spiral Clasp

18 Sep

Isn’t this a pretty clasp, Sweet Bead Studio has a great tutorial on how to make it.  So I guess I am going to play with beads today :-)

DIY: Wire Wrapped Post Earrings

28 Aug

When I saw these earrings from Baisley & Nior I thought how lovely.  Then I saw what they were made from and my thought was do I go buy popsicles or just the sticks?  Either way they turn out quit beautiful.


Lunch Bags

20 Aug

School days are getting closer.  I grew up taking my lunch to school and even though my guys were homeschooled, they would eat lunch with their friends when we had co-op days.  When they were little they would love having super hero lunch bags as they got older we went to brown paper sacks. I think the duct tape sacks or the clothe ones made to look like a brown paper bag would have worked. (And still been cool)  It was never cool to put a note in their bags, though that didn’t always stop me.  Hershey Kisses got the message across and that was OK. So here are a few ideas for lunch bags and things that might help when making lunch.

Duct tape is very durable and comes in lots of designs now. Check this out at  504 Main.

Cute round bag found at Whip Up.

Sew 4 Home does wonderful sewing tutorials, this one is insulated and laminated.

Lunch Sack Tutorial
This one would be easy to personalize, from A Lemon Squeezy Home.

Spicy Perspective has some great ideas for lunch.

Living on Love and Cents has some great organizing ideas.

frozen sponge
Thought this was a good idea.

Upcycle Ideas

18 Aug

Refashion, upcycle, recycle,reuse, whatever word you use it can be a lot of fun.  I like looking at something and seeing how I can remake it.  Here is a collection of wonderful ideas for reusing items you maybe getting rid of, or you just can’t let go of even though it doesn’t serve it purpose anymore.  Recycled items also are good for art and craft medium.  Old books, sheet music and maps are fun to draw and paint on.
catjugCat trinket box

milk jug votives - square - pool
Milk Jug Votives 

Rooster from egg cartons

recycling and crocheting 

Enamel cups  

BeforeAfter Collage 1
Curtain Dress


11 Aug

School supplies have hit the stores!  This is when I buy things for my craft room.  I keep a good stock of glue, crayons, markers and pencils.  I use note cards for drawing ideas or doodles.  Today I have found a number of ways to use clipboards. You can often find masonite clipboards at your dollar store.

Here is a decorative wall art display from Crafts by Courtney.

Rub art clipboard from Mark Mantano.

Chalkboard paint and things to remember by Simplicity in the South.

Fun painted clipboard by Ampersand.

Organizing a small office space from Martha Stewart.

clipbaord face
clipboard faces
What fun from Apartment Therapy.

simple clipboard wall
The simplicity of the collection of plain clipboards with pencil drawings from Style Me Pretty is very elegant.

giant clipboard 8
Or you could make your own giant clipboard with details from That’s My Letter.


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