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Yarn Scarves Without the Knitting

19 Apr

As you know I don’t crochet or knit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love some of those wonderful yarns that are out there.  I came across a few simple ideas to make scarves that you don’t need any special skills. scarf4

Honestly WTF il_570xN.307224984This is an Etsy pattern from Zoom Yummy


There is no link for this scarf but you could follow the instructions for the scarf from Honestly WTF. 67e43f83c56e0d7f91c3da3da06afebbVideo from Redheart yarn

OK this is not a scarf and it is crocheted, but maybe you don’t wear scarves or don’t have the patience to make a whole scarf and a chain stitch is really hard to mess up.1feb181abb196ccd2324fcef7fe93d8d Craftaholics Anonymous

Art Quilts

15 Apr

When it comes to quilting I usually go for the art quilt.  They are fun to sew and are forgiven when it comes to lining up corners.  You can use all kinds of medium when making an art quilt because it is something that won’t get washed. (a little vacuuming will do)  And if you don’t like the results you can cut it apart and use it in something else.  Today I thought I would post some inspirational pictures along with a link to my favorite show “Quilting Arts”. Enjoy!

sunflowerby Darra Williamson
moonriseMoonrise, Shiprock
 Patricia Gould
© 2012
KaleidoscopicPaula Nadelstern
Nancy G. Cook

And here is the link to Quilting Arts TV.  This program comes on our local PBS channel.  Each week 2 or 3 quilt artist demonstrate their quilting talents. Great place to learn new techniques.

Picture Frame Art

25 Mar

It is almost garage sale time of year, and you often see pictures frames at garage sells and thrift stores.  Here are some wonderful ideas from Tidbits and Twine.  I have only post just a few of the great ideas they have on their blog.Empty-Picture-Frames Picture-Frame-Jewelry Picture-Frame-Key-HolderAnd if those frames have a canvas painting in them here is an idea from While They Snooze.DIY_metallic_art

Ice Dyed Material

18 Mar

Trinkets in Bloom shows a tunic that she ice dyed and it is beautiful.  I love how the colors turned out using this ice dyed method.  Head on over to her blog where the tutorial is and you too can do a great hand dyed project.  I have a quilt idea that I want a piece of hand dyed fabric for and I think this method will give me the perfect piece to work with.  Fingers

Easter Crafts and Decorating

16 Mar

Easter is still a month away, but when you are a crafter it takes a little time to make fun Easter decorations.  At Fashion Diva Designs she has 56 inspirational craft ideas for Easter.  All are wonderful and not sure where I want to start.  Then Minimoz has a tutorial for a very cute baby chick wreath.  Even though I no longer have young children in the house I love to make them a little Easter surprise and these burlap bunnies from Landeelu would be perfect to put treats in.
Inspirational-Craft-Ideas-For-Easter-8 Inspirational-Craft-Ideas-For-Easter-15 Inspirational-Craft-Ideas-For-Easter-45Fashion Diva Designs4th b'day 075MinimozEasy-Burlap-Bunnies-polka-dotLandeelu

Paper Beads

21 Feb

Hi! I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to sit down and write.  My aunt, mother-in-law and I just got a little space that we are renting in a market.  I have been busy sewing and filling the space.  It is a lot of fun, a little bit of a gamble, not sure we are in the right spot for us, but it is a start.  Then next week I am going the “Sewing Expo”.  I am so excited! Four days of classes and products and people who love to sew.  And Nancy Zieman (Sewing with Nancy) is going to be there.  What fun.

Today I am looking at paper beads.  They are fun to make and most of us have the craft supplies we need at home.  Recycle junk mail or old magazines, a little glue, tooth pick or wood skewer, and a foam tray are about all you need. I like to add a gloss finish.  I have included a few DIY’s so you can decide how you want to make your beads.  Remember how you cut the paper makes a difference to the shape of the bead.
paperbead1Paper Vine

paperbeads3Mad Mim

paperbeads4Better Homes and Garden

Wood Working Projects for the Home

29 Jan

I found three fun wood working projects for the home.  I like the function of all of them.  And with just a few basic skills and maybe a little help from your hardware store, you could easily do these at home.DIY-Magazine-HolderShanty-2-Chic
shelfApartment Therapy
screwdrivercoatrack_option5_largeMan Made

Cardboard Crafts for Kids

28 Jan

If you are looking for something fun to do with kids head on over to The Crafty Crow.  There are six links for ideas to use recycled cardboard.  They all look like fun.cardboard

Valentines for Hubby

23 Jan

My husband deserves a wonderful Valentines gift.  That being said, it is not an easy task.  It needs to be personal, not too mushy, healthy and not bust the budget. No romantic get-away to the Caribbean as nice as it sounds. So I have been gathering ideas.  I think I will step out of my ordinary routine and first make him breakfast. (I would do it in bed, but he is an early riser) What better way to start the day than with bacon hearts.bacon heartThe Paper Mama

Then pack a lunch (again something I rarely do) in a fun take-out box. This one from Tammy Mitchell Designs is designed for a miniature take-out box, but I can enlarge the idea.  Take-out boxes can be found at your local craft store.2013-fortune-cookie-valentine-web-1024x712

Then after a long day of work maybe something for soaking in the whirlpool tub.  Creating Sisterhood has a great recipe for Cinnamon Oatmeal Milk Bath.  Very easy and most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen.Oatmeal Milk Bath2Pretty sure he will like all of this, who doesn’t liked to be pampered once in a while?

Upcycle Drawers

16 Jan

After seeing these great ideas for upcycling dresser drawers from Architect Art and Designs  I need to make a trip to the thrift stores.  My cat would love the tower of shelves, she is getting older and it’s hard to make that leap to the window to look out.  There are 20 different ideas to explore.  I am sure you well like at least one of them.drawers3 drawers2 drawers1


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